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What is it?

What is Pole Art France?


For the first time in France, discover an independent, artistic and technical competition that allows everyone to come and express himself/herself on stage. 


Here the sport aspect is always respected but we want to show off the artistic expression, the originality and the personality of every individual. New ideas, even the most eccentric ones, make of this competition a free space of scenic expression. 


Pole Art France is a unique opportunity to free your creativity and your originality. Every style is welcome: modern, contemporary, classical, sensual (but without vulgarity), burlesque… A sole requirement: make us dream. 


Reveal your emotions and your talent. Each and every one of you is unique and your characters on stage will be too. We want you to convey through your performances your fears, your joys, your dreams, your hopes, and give yourself the chance to express all of them as you think best.


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