« Well. Today is a very special day for me. 


After a considerable reflection, consultation and discussion, I’m really sad to announce, that we can not run Pole Art France in 2020 and probably for the next few years either. 


Because I’m moving from Europe, it will be too complicated for me to organize alone this big event from Panama. In this context it will be impossible to organize it as well as before and I can’t accept it.


Also, I had to take into consideration that the after-effects of my concussion are heavier than I would have imagined and actually doctors can’t tell me when I will be as operational as before. And even if there is a lot of improvements, I need to focus more on my recovery. To be honest, it’s still really hard for me to work on a computer more than 15min, to organize my work as well as before and to be as efficient as before. My memory is finally coming back slowly but not as fast as I wanted and not enough to manage a huge preparation as Pole Art France organization demands.  Maybe you can only see the work of a night during the event but behind the scene, there is between 9 to 12 months of intensive work to run it properly and to offer you a show of this quality. 


So for this reason I decided I couldn’t organize Pole Art France by myself and unfortunately we didn’t find another person yet in the French pole industry who could be able to run this event as well as I want. 


Pole Art France was my second baby after Sport Dance Complex so it was really hard to take the decision to stop my own competition after all this time and work. Closing my pole studio few months ago was the first hard decision of this year and I’m sad to have to overcome this new ordeal. My two babies are now over to my great dismay. 


But, for my health first, it’s the best decision ever and also to not destroy the beautiful reputation of Pole Art France by give it to the wrong person, it’s also better to suspend it until further notice. I’m still the owner of all the rights of « Pole Art France », so all the team and me are still hoping we should be able to run it again in the next few years or to find the good person to help or replace me. 


I know a lot of you have been waiting for this edition, I know so many people will be disappointed and sad, we are all sharing the same feeling. 

But our pole industry is amazing and there is so many other great Pole Art and Pole Competitions all over the world. 


Pole Art France spirit will never die and I’m proud and satisfied that PoleArt UK, run by the amazing Stacey Snedden , is based on our system, scoring, organization, rules and of course, on our high level of requirements and stay totally independent. Pole Art France was unique in the world and I’m so grateful that Pole Art UK share the same vision than me and follow the same way and idea I had. 


Pole Art France tried to respect as much as possible the original idea of Pole Art but also to give the opportunity to the artists to explore and develop their own vision of Pole Art. So we are really happy and excited to see the next editions of Pole Art UK and I hope that many of you will continue to support them by applying or by joining the audience 🏻


Of course, I want to thank all the performers, athletes, judges, volunteers, audience ... and to all my team for being such a great support during our past editions. Working with you and for you was an honor and was awesome. I’m proud of what we did and of what we created. 


Wish you all the best for the next, I’m still there, I will continue my work for our pole industry and to promote our art. But without pressure and finally after 7 years to give all my time, my energy and my passion to our community, I will now take some time for myself. 


Love & passion, 


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