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Pole Art France is back ...

We are going through a rather special year and while we were keen to bring you an incredible new edition, plans around the world have been turned upside down.


We have to adapt to this new world hoping that all of this is only temporary. And as we know that everyone's morale is affected by this situation we are going through, we believe that it is, today more than any time, essential to stick together in order to go through this together. strange period of our life.

So we would like to offer you a somewhat special edition for this next Pole Art France since it will be virtual.

The current health constraints that affect the whole world will not be a brake on our creativity or our artistic freedom and we want to offer you the opportunity to express yourself in these very special times.

The format will inevitably be very different from what we have known so far, and we hope, like you, it will only be temporary. But by the time the world reopens, it seems essential to us to protect our space for artistic expression and to allow you to escape for the time of Pole Art, even if it must be virtual.

We hope this can bring you some satisfaction, it is obvious that we will have difficulties to overcome, but united all together we will achieve it.

The whole team is counting on you and looks forward to sharing this new adventure with you.

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