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Semi pro, Elite men & Elite women 

More informations coming soon ...


Which category should I choose?

Who can participate in the Pole Art France competition? 


​Everyone! Amateurs or professionals, novice or intermediate, new teacher or advanced competitor.

Various level categories are proposed. So, whatever your level or your ambition is, you can present your work and maybe be lucky enough to go up on stage in front of an exceptional jury.


How to participate?

Application are not open; don't send us your video or application fees. If you send it, there is no refund and your application will not be accepted. 


The finalists will be selected via their video submissions. 


5 categories : Junior, Amateur, Showcase (final in Bordeaux on april 7th 2018),  semi pro&instructors, Elite men & Elite women (final in Paris on December, 8th 2018)


Application fees : 

- Junior : 35€

- Amateur, Semi-pro, Elite men, Elite women : 45€

- Showcase - solo : 45€

- Showcase - Duet : 90€

- Showcase - Group : 145€


All the important information for your application process here:


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