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Evaluation criteria




These criteria will count in equal shares in the final grade:


Technical grading


** Technical difficulty **


A technically correctly demonstrated performance: versatility, duration of the figures and combinations of figures. Changes in tempo will also be appreciated: dynamic and swift, fast transitions, slower moments… The agility of the figures will be observed in static and spinning mode. The grade will take into account the level of difficulty of the movements, but also the variety between strength and flexibility figures. Originals and new movements will be particularly appreciated.  


** Execution ** 


A perfect execution will include: a flawless technique and finish of the flow movements, spins, and aerial and delicate climbs as well as clean transitions. 

A good posture on figures, grace, a good general flow, floor work and transitions will be noticed. The overall combination between originality, dance and acrobatics will also be graded. 


Artistic grade:


** Presence on stage and choreography ** 


Qualities of a good scenic performance: fascinating, dramatic, intense, entertaining, original, giving emotions to the audience. Varied and lively choreography: diversity of tricks and spins, floor work, transfers and smooth transitions.


Musicality. Reaction of the public: interactions with the audience, applauses, laughter, emotion... Intensity and dynamism: alternation of intensive and quiet moments in the music and in the dance. Outfit: has to correspond to the performance and to the theme of the choreography.



" Sexy " or explicit movements are strictly forbidden. Sensual movements are authorized but without excess or abuse. It has to remain discreet and respectful, otherwise the participant will be penalized in its grading.  


** Originality ** 


The jury is looking for an original performance in the technical elements, the direction of the choreography and in the artistic approach of the performance. The body language, outfit, and direction have to clearly highlight, to both the audience and the jury, the universe, style and story of the choreography. New ideas concerning the theme, music, outfits and the dancing world in general will be particularly appreciated as well as the surprise generated on the audience. 


Feel free to express yourselves and to let your personality shine on stage.

Rules :

Scoring :

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