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Application informations



Please read (completely and accurately) the informatons below. It will help you for your submission


Condition of participation


The participant is a person who satisfies the following conditions:


  • Be at least 16 years old on the day of the deadline of the selections; and 10 years for Junior category.


  • If you are under 18, you can participate in the competition but you must include with your submission a parental discharge and a parental consent for participation of their child.


  • The participant, of any nationality, has to include to his application a valid ID card with photo (passport or ID card)


  • The participant must be able to present a health certificate valid for the period of the competition;


  • Every participant has to know and accept the rules and conditions of the competition;


  • The competition is open to every contestant of any nationality and to all studios, schools or pole dance federations, as well as to private contestants.


  • Every candidate must send the completed form ( on the website under the “English version” - “Application” heading . Participants must also include the youtube or vimeo link of their video submissions (be sure that your video is not in “private”). And this IN THE SAME TIMETHAT YOUR APPLICATON.


  • Participants must send their application and video submissions BEFORE  07/29/18 for semi pro/pro/instructors, elite men and elite women categories. All applications received after this date will be rejected.


  • Finalists will be judged according to the following evaluation table by judges.


  • The participation fee are: 35€/participant for Junior category; 45€/participant for Amateur, Semi-pro/pro/instructors, Elite men, Elite women & Showcase solo; 90€ for Showcase duo and 145€ for Showcase group (only one for per duo/group and only one payment per duo/group). Payment must be made IN THE SAME TIME THAT YOUR APPLICATION, after submitting your application form. (you will be redirected automatically on our paypal account)


NO REFUND. If you are not selected for the final , there is no refund too. 

Rules and requirements for the video submission


  • The video must be clear, of good quality, and the candidate must be perfectly visible.


  • Candidates must use TWO poles (one in static mode and one in spinning mode). For Showcase duo or group, you can use both pole in spinnng or in static. For showcase category you can send an aerial hoop application (Just remember : on stage you have maximum 3m20/3m40)


  • The video must demonstrate your capacity to present tricks, spins, strength and flexibility movements, and your capacity to execute combos (succession of figures). However, the video must, above all, show your artistic sense and your personality.


  • No one except the candidate can appear in the video.


  • Your video should be no less than 2'00 minutes and no more than 2'30min. ( Elite & showcase : you can use a previous performance, but maximum 2'30min!). If the video more than 2'30min judge will not watch the end.


  • The video submissions cannot be modified/altered or edited in any way. The choreography must be filmed without breaks or interruptions (shading or other types of effects are strictly forbidden)


  • Your video submission does not have to show the choreography that you wish to present for the finale.


By completing the online application form, the candidate confirms its agreement on the terms and conditions set by the organizers and the regulations in their entirety.


“By completing this form you accept and confirm your agreement and compliance with the terms and conditions set by the organizers and the regulations in their entirety .

The jury reserves the right to change the category if he considers objectively that you have not chosen the right category. The jury and the organizers also reserve the right to disqualify you in case of non compliance application or participation in the competition Pole Art France . You also acknowledge discharge all Pole Art France organizers from any liability related to your participation in the event . You acknowledge that you have a valid personal insurance and authorize Pole Art France to use and distribute the images and / or videos of the event. »




IMPORTANT : in case of mistake during your application there is nos refund possible of the application fees. If your are not selected, there is no refund too.



Don't forget :


Junior, Amateur & showcase final round will take place in Bordeaux in April 7th, 2018

Semi pro, Elite men & elite women final round will take place in Paris in December 8th, 2018

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